Etek Motors

Motenergy ME0909 PMDC Motor
The Motenergy ME0909 is a Brush-Type, Permanent Magnet DC motor with very high efficiency.


Motenergy ME0708 PMDC Motor
HUGE brawn for the horsepower-hungry builder.


Motenergy ME0709 PMDC Motor
More torque but less speed than the Etek-R


Motenergy ME1004 PMDC Motor
Brush-type permanent magnet DC motor with double brush-set and sturdy 1 inch x 2.5 inch shaft.


Motenergy ME1003 PMDC Motor
Motenergy ME1003 PMDC Motor, 12-72V, 15.4 hp cont, 30.8 hp pk


Mars Brushless PMAC Motor with 36/48V 450A Controller Kit
This kit is designed for inboard or outboard electric marine drive system conversions (specifically sailboats or light boats), but is also suitable for many other applications.


Mars Brushless PMAC Motor with 48V 275A Controller Kit
Want a TON of power in a brushless motor? You've found it in the this kit. This kit comes complete with motor, speed controller, throttle, and more!


Mars Brushless PMAC Motor with 72V 350A Controller Kit
The Electric Motorsport PMAC-G8435 kit will convert your gas or diesel engine to clean, silent electric propulsion!