July 2001


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I've created a new section on, a Robot Name Database. This can be VERY helpful to anyone building a bot and not sure if a name has been used already. Let me know what you think, or if you run into any problems when using it. Enjoy!


The Backlash Metal Mechanic toy is out! Check it out! This is incredibly cool! Jakks Pacific really did a great job with this one. It's actually made of metal and has a motor to spin the disc! You buy it in a kit that comes with the 'techno-tool' (a cheap screwdriver/wrench combo) and put it together yourself. Lots of real screws and nuts. I am very impressed. The finished product is something that not just a kid could enjoy. I can see these on even the most snobby executive's desk. There's also a Ronin, Deadblow and an Overkill in this series!

Now go get yours before they're all gone! Reports are coming in that the toys are now available pretty much everywhere from WalMart to Toys R Us, but in extremely limited quantities. Apparently, if stores get them, they don't get very many, and they sell out fast. Happy shopping!

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I've added several new videos to the video page, including 2 more BattleBots Season 3.0 commercials, the appearance of Greg Munson, Trey Roski and Christian Carlberg on ABC's World News Now, and several more videos of Jason Bardis from Infernolab on TBS' Movies for Guys Who Like Movies. Check 'em out!


BattleBots is going to be on "The Today Show" on NBC tomorrow morning, along with some top bots and builders!
7:00-10:00am EST/PST, July 17.

Also, be watching for an appearance of BattleBots' CEO Trey Roski on ABC's World News Now!

Thanks to you, the faithful readers of, I've finally identified all my 'unknown' robot photos from the BattleBots- San Francisco 2001 Event Report! Now I just need to fill in the holes for all the camera-shy robots that I didn't get pictures of. There are about 64 bot photos still needed! If you took photos of robots at Treasure Island, please take a look through them and at the list of bots I need. Thanks!


Wow! That was a great start to the Season 3.0 BattleBots! A lot of major damage to several bots!

As for the Nightmare vs. Slam Job fight, I didn't know what to expect going up against them. I was pretty worried about Slab Job because this robot is very fast and powerful. It all went so quickly, and it was over before I knew what happened. But MAN, that ended up being a great hit. Probably one of Nightmare's best. I'm just glad that Nightmare was finally shown WINNING a fight on TV! Yippee!

If you caught the show, you know I also appeared in a brief interview after the Minion/Ogre fight, and they had me comment about it. Of course, television being what it is, what started out as a full 5 minute interview that consisted mostly about Nightmare's features and history, gets edited down into two quick sentences on TV, one that totally sounds like I'm bashing on Minion. Sorry about that. In retrospect, after reviewing the fight more closely, I can see how the judges came to their decision, and I believe it was quite fair. It just goes to show you that having an active weapon can make a big difference in the judge's eyes, if not the crowd. Great job to both bots! And all the other bots that appeared this week! This season is going to ROCK!

In other TOTALLY cool news, check out these photos of the new Backlash BattleBasher toy from Jakks Pacific! Available NOW in stores!


Tune in to Comedy Central TONIGHT at 10pm PST & EST, and 9pm Central to see the first new episode of BattleBots-Season 3.0!


Tomorrow (Tuesday July 10) is the big day! BattleBots Season 3.0 begins on Comedy Central! This is a full 1 hour show, and to KICK things off- Nightmare is in the very first fight! Don't miss it! Tune in on time, so you don't miss any of the action!

Check your listings to make sure, but typically the show will be 10pm PST & EST, and 9pm Central.


Well, the BattleBots toys are trickling into the stores! KMart has been carrying the Toro, Mauler, Ziggo and Grendel "Grip-n-Grapplers"! From what I've been hearing, these are already becoming very hard to find, so grab 'em while they're available!

Watch for the Backlash toys coming soon!!!

Read the official announcement on the BattleBots site. (This is SO cool! BattleBots toys! Who'd have thought we'd be this far along already?)

Some of the keychains have also been showing up, but I'm not sure where at this time. If you've seen BattleBots toys showing up in stores, let me know!


Happy July 4, everyone! I've archived the old June updates below with the rest.

I've added a couple new videos- one more Season 3.0 commercial and a segment that appeared on Bay TV the week before BattleBots was taped in San Francisco, this segment features a little bit about Stephen Felk and I with our bots from "The Swarm", Mosquito and Locust!