Bots with no Photos

2001 BattleBots - San Francisco
May 22-28, 2001
| Took place on Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

page updated on 8/4/01

If you have photos of any of these bots, preferrably in the pits at BattleBots- Treasure Island 2001, Please contact me.

Weight Class BattleBot
Lightweight Blood Dragon
Lightweight Chimera
Lightweight Claymore
Lightweight Critical Condition
Lightweight Double Secret Probation
Lightweight Half Ass N Random
Lightweight HammerHead
Lightweight Midnight Project, The
Lightweight Parallax
Lightweight Pestilence
Lightweight Road Dot
Lightweight Spin Reaper
Lightweight Weed Wacker
Lightweight Wham! Bam!
Middleweight Agsma
Middleweight Count Botula
Middleweight Deb bot
Middleweight EnumScratch
Middleweight GoatHammer
Middleweight Kinetic Kill Vehicle
Middleweight Kraken
Middleweight Mechanical Wildcat
Middleweight Mr. Sucko
Middleweight Neb
Middleweight Nemisis
Middleweight Nibbler
Middleweight Outlaw
Middleweight Phishfeuxd
Middleweight Pokey
Middleweight Rebob
Middleweight Twister
Middleweight Uplifting Experience
Middleweight Zombie
Heavyweight Circuit Breaker
Heavyweight Disco Cow 3000
Heavyweight M.O.E. (Marvel of Engineering)
Heavyweight My Son
Heavyweight Orion
Heavyweight Punjar
Heavyweight Spinning Mayhem
Heavyweight Total Chaos
Heavyweight Yoshik
SuperHeavyweight G.O.R.T.
SuperHeavyweight Hammerlock
SuperHeavyweight Isosceles 1
SuperHeavyweight OJ
SuperHeavyweight Probe, The

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