June 2001


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Tonight is the Win Ben Stein's Money Show with me, Stephen and General Morgan!! Don't miss it!

7:30pm PST


Tonight and tomorrow night are "Shameless Plug of BattleBots" episodes on Comedy Central's "Win Ben Stein's Money" game show!

Tonight 6-26: Bil Dwyer, Bill Nye, and Heidi Mark

Tomorrow 6-27: Stephen Felk (Voltronic), General Morgan (Mauler), and ME! Yes, that's right. Me as a contestant on a game show. I'll say one thing for sure, it's a LOT harder than it is sitting on your couch at home!

Tune in! (7:30pm PST, otherwise, check your listings)


I finally got around to posting the results of Nightmare and Backlash's fights from Season 2.0. That certainly took a while, didn't it? Sorry about that, I've been very busy... Thanks to those of you who have been pestering me about this, you helped get me going.

Check out The Nightmare Las Vegas 2000 page, and the Backlash Las Vegas 2000 page.

I also updated the Backlash page with his newest photo and made a page for his trophies!


I've finished the main structure of my BattleBots- San Francisco 2001 - Treasure Island Event Report, with hundreds of photos of the bots that attended this awesome show!

As you can imagine, it was quite a challenge to try to get photos of all 450+ robots that were at the event, and of course I missed quite a few. If you were there and have some photos of bots that I missed, I would love it if you could contact me. Also, take a look through the large list of 'Unidentified Bots' for pictures that we took and don't know the bot's name.

Thanks for any help you guys can give to make this report as accurate as possible. And thanks to all the great robot builders and teams for letting us take photos of your creations! You guys are all awesome, I'm glad to have met so many of you in person!

Also, special thanks to my pit crew member, and all-around awesome helper and superb machinist, Dan Cherney, who not only flew out from Michigan to help Team Nightmare, but also took most of these photos for Thanks Dan!

Keep checking back in the coming days as I (with your help) fill in all the holes in this very large event report.