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Champion Antweight ShazBot uses the 60:1 Copal Motors.


Micro Nightmare

Champion Antweight Micro Nightmare uses the 60:1 Copal motors.



My Robot Corrosive uses 4 of the 60:1 copals with great success! The motor gives the robot enough power to get the saw into the opponent. Corrosive has even beat the feared VDD!!
-Bradley Hanstad
Team Corrosive


Antweight robot, Switchblade, uses the 50:1 Copals for drive.


Antweight Micro-Overcast uses these motors.


My antweight Microburst uses 2 of the 50:1 Copals.  Running the Copals at only 7.4 volts (2 LiPo) but the speed is good enough for the bot.
Very happy so far.  I was previously using the 30:1 Copals but they just weren't rugged enough.

Team Basenji

Tastes Like Chicken

My antweight, Tastes Like Chicken uses the 60:1 Copals.... So far they've given me lots of power
and pushing power to boss around other ants.

-Tyler Davis


My bot tOBOR used your 60:1 COPAL motors to great success. Despite a run in with the vicious brushless powered vertical spinner Arsenic, tOBOR managed to have a pretty good showing its first competition at the Nov. 8th CIRC comp. These little motors proved pushy while still capable of a good speed perfect for the antweight sized arena.
-Dan Toborowski
Team tOBOR Combat Robotics

Disc Addiction

Antweight Disc Addition uses the 60:1 Copals


This Antweight uses the 50:1 Copal motors

Dee 5

Dee 5 uses the Copal 50:1 for drive. We still can't believe how much power these have!

-John Parsons
Team Slammer


Fairyweight Robo-Sushi uses 50:1 Copals

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