ETEK motor by Briggs & Stratton

This is one of the most powerful DC motors available. There is nothing like it out there. Many of the most powerful spinner robots out there have been using this motor with great success (including Nightmare, Son of Whyachi, Moebius and many more). WARNING: this motor is NOT an ordinary motor, and should be handled with GREAT care. It is very capable of serious power and should always be completely secured before applying any power to it.

24V to 48V (has been run up to 72V)
72rpm per volt (3456rpm @ 48V)
20.8 pounds
7.91" diameter
5.64" length
7/8" shaft with 3/16" keyway and 3/8-16 Tapped center
Torque constant: 1.14 in-lb/Amp (0.13 Nm/Amp)
Max motor current: 330A for 2 minutes
15 horsepower max

Need to proportionally and remotely control this motor? Check out the 48330 Speed Controller!

Brushless ETEK motor by Briggs & Stratton

Get monstrous power from this motor! Brushless Permanent Magnet Syncronous motor otherwise known as PMAC. The phase resistance is very low at 10 milli-ohms, so it is 90% efficient. This motor has a built-in cooling fan set for a CCW direction, but can be run CW with optional fan.

This motor is a direct replacement for the Etek (Briggs & Stratton) brushed DC motor,which means it will work with our Etek Mount. It is an Axial Air Gap permanent magnet motor. This technology is very compact. Highest power to weight ratio of any PM motor technology.

Commutation is accomplished with an internal Hall Cell assembly, connected to the 6-pin external wire harness.

This is a Brushless motor and REQUIRES a 3 Phase, 8 Pole, brushless controller to operate the motor. You CANNOT just hook this up to a battery and have it run as a brushed motor would, it will not function without a proper speed controller.

Input voltage: 20-56V DC
Speed: 72rpm/V DC (about 3500rpm at 48V)
Continuous current: 100 Amps
Max Current: 300 Amps (up to 30 sec)
Output: 15hp Max, 6hp continuous
Efficiency: 90%
Output Torque Constant: 1.20 in-lb per Amp
Weight: 22 lbs
Diameter: 8"




Etek Motor Mount

When it comes to holding down this powerful motor, you don't want to kid around. This slick-looking and extremely durable mount was designed specifically for the huge Etek motor and the rigors of Robotic Combat.

This custom-designed mount is made of 1/2" thick 6061-T6 aluminum and comes with eight countersunk bolts to fasten directly to an Etek motor without any modifications. Simply bolt up the 8 holes to the face of your Etek, and then bolt the four remaining holes on the flanges to your bulkhead, standoff posts, or frame of your bot, and you have a very solid mount for this powerful motor.

The mount has 8 countersunk holes in 3/8" and 5/16" sizes, bolts are included. Total weight (not including bolts) is 27.16oz.