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"Composite" is a general term which means an assembly of dissimilar materials used together. They are carefully engineered and are uniquely suited to be extremely strong and surprisingly light weight. These materials consist of a resin matrix and a fiber reinforcement. As a result, Carbon Fiber is a fantastic material to use for robot armor, interior component mounting, and any situation where you want rigidity but do not want to add much weight. Carbon fiber is even lighter than Polycarbonate Plastic.

About our Carbon Fiber
We strive to be in the forefront of the latest materials available. We know carbon products can be made cheaper using the cheapest fabric available and laminated with polyester resin using fiberglass chopped mat sometimes as a filler. On the high side you can purchase sheets made from expensive prepreg material, but there is usually no reason to pay the premium for this unless you have some extreme requirements. Although it sounds impressive it does not necessarily have higher properties than a correctly fabricated epoxy resin, vacuum bagged, post cured part.

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