2001 BattleBots - San Francisco
May 22-28, 2001

Event Pictures

page updated on7/10/01

unless otherwise marked, photos are by Jim Smentowski and Dan Cherney

Pictures from the San Francisco-Treasure Island 2001 Event

Welcome to Treasure Island! Halfway across the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, Treasure Island was a great place to hold the first 2001 BattleBots event!

Building 180 (on the left) held the entire Pit area. The building to the right was where the BattleBox arena was set up, along with all the viewing stands.


As you can see, this area is completely "Self Help".

Another nice view outside the Pit area, looking towards the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge.

Outside the Pit area were several tables set up for welding, grinding, and other dangerous activities that were only allowed outdoors. This area got a LOT of use over the week, and ended up being covered in a thick layer of blackened metal shavings and burnt robot bits.

These nice bunkers in the parking lot made for great robot testing grounds.

Everybody was scrambling around for the first couple days, trying to get their robots through the safety inspections. Kudos to the safety guys for being able to get through all the robots! What a job!

Let's mosey inside, shall we? Whoah, who have we here? Mr. Security Guard, seen here with a rare smile. Got to show your Pit Pass to let you proceed....

Aaah! Chaos! Well, actually, it was pretty well organized, but these pictures don't show it.

The pits themselves were completely abuzz all week long, pretty much 24 hours a day, with builders putting finishing touches on their bots, repairing damage, and scampering about meeting those with the same strange obsessions as themselves.

Another view of the pit. The photo area can be seen in the upper right.

Hey, cool! Comedy Central had made up some big banners with previous season's winners!

Lookee here! That guy looks familiar!

Yet another view of the pits.

Morgan Tilford (Mauler crew) shows off his wonderful hair with my mother-in-law (left) and my wife, Erica.

Erica had only a few moments once in a while to stop by and visit me in the pit this time, she was working all over keeping busy with all the stuff BattleBots needed.

Here's me with my in-laws. They flew in just to see this event, and help out any way they could in my pit area.

Check out the "Backlash's Grandma" shirt- cool, huh?

Photo courtesy of Jason Demerski

Jay Leno's Chinkilla made his regular appearance. Chucknbob seem to have given 'Chin' a few upgrades since last time.

Good ol Pete showing off his new Pulverizer! MUCH meaner than last time! And the hammer is pretty brutal too...

Photo courtesy of Jason Demerski

This is one of the only pics I could find of Dan Cherney (left), who was a HUGE help to me in the pit, and who was mostly behind the camera in the pics you see in this event report!

Thanks, Dan!


Since the battles were taking place in the next building, those of us who had to be in the pit on and off, got to see (sort of) the fights on a big projection screen. It wasn't the same though, no sound except announcements, and the picture was hard to see with all the lights.

TIME WARP: After the event

Let's go take a look at the BattleBox after a week of being pounded by the best combat bots ever....

Hmmm, there's those new arena weapons- the 'Screws'.

Wow, a whole bunch of 'Screws'! They certainly look cool, but didn't seem to do much to the bots. I guess they'll look good on TV though.

Another new addition to the BattleBox- the 'Piston' or 'Cylinder'. This sucker would pop up out of the floor at the most inopportune time.

This one seems to have taken a significant amount of damage....

The Pulverizers have certainly been upgraded from last time. These steel beasts were putting the hurt on many robots.

The arena floor was so damaged from all the evil robots. This gash in the floor was one of many. Not sure who left this one, but I was told it might have been 'Minion'.

Nice round holes all over the BattleBox. I "judge" this will cause a severe upgrade in the Box next time.

Comedy Central had a nice looking set surrounding the arena. Here it is already being torn down, but you can get an idea of how cool it will look on TV.

Another shot of the set.

Hmm, I recognize that one!

The arena parts all going back aboard the trucks.

Wow, not much left in the Pits! This place cleared out pretty fast. All the bots are gone, back to lick their wounds and prepare for next time!

...except for one, at least.

Poor Eradicator here (Superheavyweight) made it as far as the dumpster.

That event was so exhausting, I had to get out of town and away from technology for a few days. Here's me, the next day- enjoying being away from robots, computers and email for a while, just to recharge. Ahhh!

See you all next time!


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