May 2000


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I've been super busy with my free time getting Nightmare's upgrade completed. I ended up totally disassembling him for this upgrade, in an effort to save some weight for the new additions. I currently have been able to shave off about 4 pounds of aluminum from his frame, and hopefully will be getting more off in the coming days. I am, however getting pretty worried about my replacement Vantec speed controllers. If you've been reading lately, you'll know that I had two unfortunate mishaps around last month's BotBash that damaged both Nightmare's and Backlash's Vantecs, and although I have since sent them in for repair to Vantec, I am quite worried for their return in time for the June 9-11 BattleBots! Anyone out there have a couple of RDFR23's they won't be using for this event? I'd even be happy to pay shipping, and if something went wrong (heaven forbid), I would gladly replace them. Please email me if you have any leads. Thanks


Details on how to get tickets to the June 9-11 BattleBots event in San Francisco (Fort Mason Center) are here.

I've added Backlash's build page on the Backlash Page, if you are interested in seeing the innards of this robot.


I finished an update on my BotBash 55lb robot- Backlash, along with some video and pictures- check it out!


The updated rules, regulations, player agreement, registration info, and location info have all been released on the BattleBots site!


Just got back from BotBash. (Yes, I know it was several days ago, but we took an extra couple days vacation afterwards) Wow, what a weekend! I'll get a report up here eventually, right now I'm too tired, but basically it was totally fun and totally HOT in Mesa, AZ. My robots, Backlash (55lb) and Whirlygig (30lb) performed well, although both could have done better. Thanks go out to all the other competitors who voted Backlash the "Most Innovative" robot at BotBash! Thanks guys, what an honor! More about BotBash later as I get the time.


Well, here we go, BotBash is this weekend! I finished 55-pound Backlash with time to spare! I took him out this past weekend for some practice driving and some weapon tests (which I caught on video and will be posting on his page in the coming week or two when I have the time). I am pleased with his performance, but I definitely would have changed some things if I had thought of it earlier on, we'll just have to see how he fares in battle this weekend at BotBash!

And, since I had a couple days to spare, and noticing the competition for the BotBash 30 lb weight class was slim, I've thrown together a new robot, one that should be fun to watch in the arena, I'll have a name for him soon. If he doesn't end up tearing himself apart, he should put in a good show. Overall, I spent only two days on him, so I definitely won't feel too bad if I have to take him back as scrap.

Oh, if you haven't noticed, I've archived the old April updates below.

See you all at BotBash this weekend!