April 2000


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BattleBots has released the dates for the June event! BattleBots-San Francisco will be held on June 9-11. For all the details, check out the BatttleBots site!

This will be somewhat of a robot "homecoming", as many of the competitors are from the San Francisco area, and have competed here in years past. Get your robot ready to rumble!


Well, Backlash is complete, and ready for BotBash. ....well, almost. When I was testing him out the other night, the speed controller stopped working altogether. I opened him back up and tested the connections, and it seems that there is a short or two in the black plastic wiring harness of the Vantec, because I replaced the whole Vantec with another new RDFR23 that I have, and it was doing the same intermittent thing. I quickly got on the phone with Vantec (Dail seemed to agree that was the problem) and ordered some replacement wiring harnesses ($10 each, good deal) with priority shipping, and I'll be careful to wire up the terminals properly this time so as not to have a similar problem. I sure hope that is the only problem!

In any case, Backlash was doing VERY well during testing. He is VERY fast, and amazingly, VERY controllable. I am very pleased at his off-the-line ability to go perfectly straight, or toward a target I choose. I hope he fares as well in battle next weekend! The weapon is performing very well also. Now I've got to figure out how to break him and the tools up to go into his crate and suitcases for the airplane. I sure hope the scale I am using weighs pretty close to the one they use at BotBash- right now I'm weiging Backlash in at 55.00 lbs (exactly the weight limit! yikes!)

I can't believe its already almost Bot\Bash time!!! About a week away!! Are YOU ready?

Congratulations to Peter Abrahamson, whose robot "Ronin" made it onto tonight's Friends on NBC! Stay tuned to his site in the next few days for pictures.


Only a couple days left! This Friday is the deadline for your robot's registration into the May 6-7 BotBash! Get that paperwork in the mail right away!!!


According to the BotBash web site, BattleBots and BotBash are teaming up to bring us the May 6-7 event in Arizona!


Cool! Check it out, ranked among the "What's Cool" sites of the day on Wednesday, April 12!


As you may have noticed, I'm playing with changing the look of this site. I have completed only a couple pages so far (Home and The Robots), but I plan on turning the entire site over into this kind of style as I find the time. It will be a while before it is all done, but I thought I would start off with what I have been working on. Please what you think of it so far. Is there anything you are having trouble with? Everything loading quickly? Any errors? Suggestions? More? Thanks.


Happy April! March Updates have been archived below.

I've added a handful or two of new robot links that I found to my Links page and some articles and media attention about Robotic Combat to my Media page.

Are you getting ready for BotBash in May? How about BattleBots in June?
Time is running out, get your robots built and travel plans made! (Unfortunately we still don't know the exact dates of BattleBots, just that it is in June) Stay tuned to BattleBots for the exact dates, shouldn't be long now (I hope!))

Speaking of BotBash, my newest robot, Backlash, is coming along great! I'm very close to being finished, and I've finally been taking some pictures that I will eventually try to find time to post on a dedicated page on this site. Backlash is MEAN! For such a little guy, he sure packs a WHOLLOP! When thinking of a name for this guy, I came real close to naming him "OverKill"... You gotta come to BotBash to see what I mean!