March 2001


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WooHoo! I got the server moved over to a new location where everything should reliable and operating as before. The IP forwarding feature through my domain registrar worked faster than I thought (submitted the change thisafternoon, and it went thru at about 10pm, was supposed to take 24 hours!), so I was able to physically move the server to it's new location for the next few weeks. When the danger of my ISP's interruption goes away, I'll move it back, so I'll announce again at that time. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it, or see the previous news item below from 2 days ago)

However, it's going to take a couple days for my mail server's DNS entries to resolve all across the internet, so for the next 48 hours, please don't use my usual address- instead, please send to

Thank you for your patience, sorry for the inconvenience. If you notice anything else weird in the next few days with this site's connectivity, please contact me.



Alright, my adventures with hosting my own web site have pretty much peaked, traffic has gone thru the roof on, and the maintenence required has gone along with it. Little headaches happen all the time (last month's DNS server problem, intermittent California Blackouts, less than 100% reliable ISP connectivity, etc). So I think I'm finally breaking down and deciding to move to a real server. The trouble is finding one that will handle the large size (over 350Mb for all the files) and hits (2.5+ million per month) and throughput (9+ Gb per month of data transferred), and still keep it at a reasonable price.

I don't have a whole lot of time to go around hunting down a reliable site host, with all the robot work I have to do for the May event, but suddenly I need to do something IMMEDIATELY:

I got a letter yesterday from my ISP stating that Northpoint Communications, the company that handles the actual wiring to my server, has gone bankrupt and there will likely be an inturruption in service within the next week, and service may not be available for up to a month while my ISP finds a new carrier. This is unacceptable of course, I can't afford to have this site offline that long, so I need to find something quick.

I am hoping that some of my readers can help out. If any of you work for, or know of a site hosting service that would be interested in either giving me a deal on hosting, or trading banner/ad space for a complete hosting package, please let me know. If you have suggestions on inexpensive but reliable full-service (web+email server) hosting providers, please send them to me.

I have to do something in the next few days. Otherwise, may be going offline for the longest time period yet.


BattleBots has released an announcement to all robot builders- basically it says that there are already over 400 robots registered for the May competition (WOW!), and to hurry up and get in your registration if you haven't already!


There was a great BattleBots article in the S.F. Examiner today, featuring interviews from Stephen Felk, Dawna Weichel and Trey Roski!

As usual, always check my publicity page for robot related articles, and if you come across anything that I've missed, please send it along. thanks


WOW! Sony has done it again! The new Sony Dream Robot (SDR) is looking awesome! Check out this video clip of the SDR in action and you'll be asking yourself "How the HECK did they do that??" Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty catchy too. Enjoy!

Now where can I get one? Make that two, gotta have battles of course....


BattleBots has made registering your entry a little easier! Online registration is now open, check it out here. Get registered soon, there are bound to be a LOT more entries this time!


For all of you who have been dying to know the detailed results of BattleBots Season 2.0, now that the season is over, I can fill in all the blanks on my Las Vegas 2000 Event Report! Check it out, and let me know if you see any errors or updates to the information therein. Enjoy!


BattleBots has posted the 2001 San Fransisco event entry forms! Entries must be registered by April 2, so get yours in early! There's bound to be a TON more robots this time!

Note also that the dates for this event seem to have been extended! BattleBots site shows Season 3.0 event as May 22-28 now!

I've archived the February updates below with the rest. As always, make sure to go back and read the old updates if you need to catch up!