February 2001


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My robots and I are getting much more than our fair share of TV attention lately, and I'm not just talking BattleBots!

Watch for my heavyweight Nightmare, along with Toro, Voltronic and DooAll to appear on an upcoming episode of the "Nash Bridges" TV show on CBS! Right now the episode air date is set for March 30.

Also, be ready for an upcoming episode of "Win Ben Stein's Money" game show on Comedy Central, as I join Morgan Tilford (Mauler) and Stephen Felk (Voltronic) to try our chances at $5000!

Reminder: today is the BattleBots marathon on Comedy Central! 2pm-10pm!


I apologize for the unexpected downtime of this site in the last 24 hours. In efforts to speed things up, my server connection was inturrupted as new hardware was added and DNS entries were updated. Everything should be back up and running now (and on a faster connection to boot!) . If you've emailed anything to me at my account since about 12pm Thursday, I likely didn't receive it, so to be safe, use this email ( instead of the normal one for a couple days.


Comedy Central will be airing a full-season BattleBots marathon this Sunday, February 25 at 2pm until 10pm! If you've missed any shows up to this point, now's your chance to catch up!


Well, it's over for the season, Backlash made it past Toe Crusher in the semi-finals and went into the finals with Ziggo. Poor Backlash was suffering a bit during these last 2 fights, he broke his weapon shaft in the Toe Crusher fight and before the Ziggo fight, it turns out that his antenna wire had fallen down inside, so I had almost no control over Backash from the beginning of the match. Ziggo wasn't without problems either, after one hit on Backlash, which took a good chunk of tire off, Ziggo's spinner was disabled. But, not being able to drive Backlash, I could only sit there as Ziggo gave him a shove from the side and Backlash's gyroscopic forces took over from there, flipping him onto his back. Ziggo was declared winner (interestingly enough, as he was simultaneously disabled on the arena exit ramp). So Backlash wins 2nd place!

So, for Team Nightmare, that's it for Seson 2.0, except the rumble!

For those of you wondering, YES both Backlash and Nightmare will be back for next season, with upgrades! Also be watching for the BattleBots debut of a new, improved Whirligig!

2nd Place!



Wow! Check it out, BattleBots has just updated their site, BIG time! Tons of new information is released, including an announcement that we've all been waiting for: when and where the next event is going to be! May 24-28 in the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA. (FIVE days!?!! Wow!)

Also: Toy Fair info, BattleBots toy announcements (remote controlled!), BattleBots (including Nightmare) on the Nash Bridges TV show, BattleBots in New Zealand, a very extensive tips section, and much more info than I can possibly put here, CHECK IT OUT!

Don't forget to watch BattleBots tonight, as my lightweight robot, Backlash gets in the box against Toe Crusher in the Season 2.0 Semi-finals!


Hey, check it out! Backlash has been featured on Comedy Central's BattleBots site! There's some pics and a short video with me and some of Backlash's fans! Cool!


I've continued to update the Las Vegas 2000 Event Report pages as Comedy Central airs or reveals the results of matches. Please let me know if I've missed anything or if you see any mistakes.


I re-worked the home page a lot, and tweaked it so it should show up the same on all browsers and platforms, and SHOULD load even faster than before. If you experience problems with it, please let me know.

Backlash is on TV tonight! Watch BattleBots on Comedy Central to see my robot, Backlash fight in the quarter-finals!


I've completely rebuilt the video section of The old page was getting too full and hard to navigate, so I made it easier, also embedding all the QuickTime movies! Check it out!

If you ever have robot footage you could contribute to this section, by all means, contact me!


BattleBots on Comedy Central is moving to a full hour starting next Tuesday! One full hour of robot mayhem every week for the rest of Season 2.0!


Alright, a bit corny, but funny nonetheless.. Comedy Central has featured my heavyweight robot Nightmare, along with Jerome Miles' lightweight robot, Sublime II, in a Flash-animated Valentine's Day card! You may view it here.

I've once again archived January's news below with all the other previous news. If you've missed anything lately, you'll want to go back and read the older stuff, there's been a lot of good stuff announced lately!

1/30/01 (carried over from last month, in case you missed it)

Cool! BattleBots is strutting it's stuff for the Toy Companies at this year's Toy Fair! Does this mean that BattleBots toys might be on the way? Looks that way- from the Tiger Toys site: "...Tiger [is] producing a line of cool BattleBots products for 2001"

Check out this announcement, that recently appeared on the BattleBots site:

The largest Toy trade show in the western hemisphere will play host to a BattleBots expo on February 12th, 2001. Six top ranked BattleBots will duke it out in the Hasbro show room -- Showing the toy industry what Robot Combat is all about. Attendance is limited to the Trade, but Tiger Electronics (a division of Hasbro) is holding a contest for free tickets (see below).

Win a trip for two (2) to New York City on February 12th to visit Toy Fair and watch a LIVE BattleBots event from the Hasbro Showroom! Click the link below to visit and enter this exciting contest!