June 2000


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In case you haven't noticed, I've been gradually changing everything on my site to reflect the change in my "Team" name. I'm going with Team Nightmare now, instead of Team Hercules. Don't ask me why I even bother with the "Team" thing since I design and build all my robots on my own, I guess it just sounds better than "Jim".

I just didn't see a reason to stick with the old team name, since I no longer have any robots named Hercules, and Nightmare (the robot and concept) is my main focus, besides, it just sounds cooler.

Also, I have some Team Nightmare T-Shirts available for sale, check them out!


Steven Nelson of Team S.L.A.M. has updated his web site with pictures and commentary from the recent BattleBots-San Francisco event. Check it out! Good stuff!


I finished my event report pages from the recent BattleBots - San Francisco event. Of course, match results are not included until after the Comedy Central airing, but I wanted to put up the pics I took at the event of the other robots. If you see any mistakes, additions, corrections, or have any of the pictures I am missing, please e-mail me.


The BattleBots Best of Show awards results have been posted on the BattleBots site. Congratulations to all these teams for excellence in construction and control skills!


BattleBots-San Francisco is over

WOW what a ride! Of course we need to keep quiet about results of the show, but rest assured this weekend was fantastic! If you missed BattleBots, you should be ashamed of yourself. I've never seen such an animated crowd. The show was run professionally and the people and bots were great. Everybody seemed to have a good time, even though there were a few setbacks here and there, it was great to see the other teams chipping in time, tools and parts to get others up and running. There were a LOT of powerful robots there this event. I think there were more flying parts at this show than EVER before. Looking around at all the fantastic designs and solidly constructed bots, I realized that the bar has definitely been raised.

Each of my two robots came back from BattleBots in one piece, more or less. Nightmare is going to need a lot of reconstructive surgery and Backlash is currently in need of some adjustments and some new parts from nearly tearing himself apart all weekend. Who knows how long I will let them sit, however. I never can get too motivated for repairs/upgrades right after these events.

I will be building an event report to add to my archives in the coming weeks with bot names and pictures of all who attended BattleBots-San Francisco 2000. I hope I got pictures of all the bots there, if I missed any, I will be looking for any extra pics that you guys might have snapped at the event. Stay tuned for the report coming soon.

Thanks to all the builders, event organizers, and great spectators, you all made this a BattleBots to remember!

Now the waiting begins until Comedy Central airs BattleBots this fall.....


Off to Battle!

This is it! Nightmare and Backlash passed the safety inspection yesterday, both came in a bit overweight at first, but after some minor adjustments, both slipped into their weight classes just fine. Now to see if they'll hold up to the competition, which looks FANTASTIC this time around!

I'm not sure when I'll be able to post here again, but feel free to stay tuned. Thanks for all the supportive emails!


2 days to BB-Day!

Nightmare is complete. He is ready to rock and roll at BattleBots this weekend. Backlash has a couple more tweaks that I will finish today. Unfortunatly, I don't have time to fix one major flaw of his, so I'll just have to see how it goes with him.

Yesterday, BattleBots called and invited me to bring Nightmare down to the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, where the arena is being set up, to be part of a taped interview for a local TV Magazine show. So, along with the new and improved Ginsu, Mauler, Blendo, and Mini-Ginsu, proceeded to sit andwait around for the camera crew, only to find out (hours later) that the show couldn't air this week after all, so they cancelled our interviews. Bummer. Oh well, it was nice to get a sneak-peak at the new and improved arena! Wow, it certainly is more "complex" than before! It was also nice to see all the new sheets of Lexan going up, no more scratchy views of the robots! If every robot is looking as good as the ones I saw yesterday, we are in for an AWESOME show, everybody!!!!!

I'll be showing up early tomorrow with tools and robots and tons-o-spare-parts in tow. I'm probably going to bring more than I need, so if you other builders find yourself running out of something, feel free to ask if I can help.



5 days to BB-Day!

The upgrades are going well. Nightmare is almost finished, although he certainly doesn't look like it, and Backlash probably needs another week, but since I have only a few days, I'll have him done by Thursday. I certainly procrastinated this time, so its nobody's fault but my own, but I certainly was nervous about finishing in time!!! It's only just beginning....


9 days to BB-Day!

Not much time to update here, but I just wanted to get on here quick and archive the May updates below, and let out a loud sigh of relief- my Vantec speed controllers that I sent out for repair showed up good as new today! Yippee! Now I just have to keep them in working condition for another week for my BattleBots entries, Nightmare and Backlash.

Today, I also finally found a source for my spare Hawker PC545 batteries that I use in both robots, my normal supplier was unable to find them anywhere over the last 2 months, but finally it looks like they will be here tomorrow.

Boy, it's going to be a busy week.....

See you all at BattleBots next weekend!!!