July 2000


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BattleBots just announced that the dates for the airing of the Comedy Central series have been moved up to begin on August 23! It will be at 10:30pm, immediately following South Park, and will run each Wednesday, with repeats on Saturday at 5pm and 11pm! Sounds GREAT to me!

Well, the robots that went to the U.K. for Mentorn's Robot Wars/MTV taping are on their way back (or not, depending on how many pieces are left), according to reports, the only robots that made it to fight for this "U.S. championship" were: FrenZy (past BattleBots competitor), Mauler (also past BB competitor), Mjollinir (which didn't even get to play after all that travel), Rammstein (previously a BB superheavyweight), Ghettobot (no info), Mangulator (a UK robot entered as a US bot), and Spike (previously a featherweight!) all got to play in a brief show this past weekend in the U.K.


Looks like U.K. Robot Wars needs more robots for their "U.S." competition set for this weekend, they are recruiting from the U.K. robot veterans now. Check out the announcement.


Funny Stuff! Not exactly robotic combat, but great anyway, check out Robot Frank's page for the hilarious (and regularly updated) antics of this robot!


I finally got around to putting together a page for my 30 pound BotBash robot, Whirligig, along with a couple video clips of him in action.


The Sci Fi Channel big robot show has been put on hold, check out the official announcement.


July 2000- I have archived the June report below with the rest.

Well, this is interesting... Robot Wars UK is apparently teaming up with MTV networks to produce an event in just a couple weeks. Check out this announement:

ROBOT WARS in association with MTV Networks are proud to announce...


...a spectacular, chrome plated civil war to crown the US Robot Wars Heavyweight Champion of 2000 on MTV.

Calling all American Robot Warriors. If you've got a battle ready robot and you're itching for a fight, you can't afford to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

THE TITLE: US Robot Wars Heavyweight Champion

THE REWARD: Generous appearance fees for all competitors

TRAVEL AND ACCOMMADATION: All freight and flight arrangements will be made for you. All travel and hotel costs will be paid for you. It couldn't be easier.

WHEN: 22-23 July 2000

WHERE: Robot Wars, Park Street Studios, LONDON, United Kingdom

So if you'd like a free vacation, international fame courtesy of MTV and the chance to walk away with the American title - AND COLD HARD CASH - volunteer for active duty and contact Robot Wars immediately.

If you want to become MTV's Robot Wars Heavyweight Champion, act quickly because time is running out for you.

For further information, entry details or ticket enquiries please contact the Robot Wars (UK) Headquarters...

Phone: 0 11 44 207 258 6790

Boy, I think they take the award for giving the least amount of notice before an event and providing the least amount of information (format, rules, weight limits, etc.)

I'd love to hear what other builders think about this. Drop me a line or talk about it on the BattleBots Forum.