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May 2002 BattleBots - San Francisco

page updated on 6.5.02

Aah, back on Treasure Island again.

Held in the same building as the last event, even though there were nearly 500 robots in attendance, we were able to pack the arena and all the pits inside!

The weather was mostly clear, except for the first few days, when teams were getting totally drenched during the unexpected rain, however it cleared up quickly and we got perfect weather the rest of the event!

Here's a great view of the Bay Bridge.

A view of San Francisco from Treasure Island

The rear of the building, where the welding/grinding/painting and safety areas were.

Many of the builders who had to come cross-country shipped their bots in crates. This is one of several rooms where the crates were stored.
Alright, into the pits. The HUGE BattleBots banner was up again. Actually, the pits looked much the same as last season, just MORE bots!
With so many bots, a lot of builders found creative ways to pass the time while waiting for their safety inspections.

A lot of builders had a VERY long wait for thier inspections. I've heard of some builders that had to wait four days! Ugh

Hats off to the safety inspectors, who had to painstakingly go through each and every bot there!

A cool first was the antweights! Here was the mini BattleBox, complete with killsaw, for the antweight bots to fight in.
Aren't they cute? these guys are so small. Unfortunately, I completely missed the antweight competition, so I don't have much to say about these, other than they are totally cool! Make sure to check out for info on these little guys!
Speaking of little guys, Team Toad had their own selection of little bots at their pit table!
Not sure if this was a creative builder, or some weird new biped entry. One thing for sure, it was a cool getup!
Kudos to the Moebius crew for a very cool looking presentation, including this coffin where they stored their bot! Ha! Forget about safety covers! Just throw the bot in and walk back to your pit in your flowing black robes. Great job, guys!
Like a surgeon laying out his tools, here is the table of weapons for Mark Setrakian's The Master.

The DC Waterjet guys (one of my sponsors!) brought a super-cool table, complete with the pattern from my new Locust.

Here's a photo of Backlash posing on top of the table.

Nightmare with some 'spare' discs

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