2000 BattleBots - San Francisco
June 9-11, 2000 | Was televised on Comedy Central's BattleBots TV Series

Middleweight Bots

page updated on 12/4/00

unless otherwise marked, photos are by Jim Smentowski

Robot Info
Match Results
Alien Gladiator
Daniel Rupert

Round 1: vs. The Emasculator-won (opponent no-show)

Round 2: vs. Deadblow -lost

Ankle Biter
John McKenzie

Round 1: Bye

Round 2 : vs. Pressure Drop-lost

Bad Attitude
Thomas Petruccelli
Round 1: vs. Blade Runner -lost
Blade Runner
110 lbs
Ilya Polyakov

Round 1: vs. Bad Attitude-won

Round 2: vs. Super Orbiting Force -lost


110 lbs
Grant Imahara

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: vs. Alien Gladiator -won

Round 3: vs. Pressure Drop -won

Round 4: vs. Hazard -lost


Runner-up Middleweight Division


Tony Buchighani, Dan Danknick

Round 1: vs. Pegleg-won

Round 2: vs. Turtle Roadkill-won

Round 3: vs. Super Orbiting Force-won

Round 4: vs. Deadblow-won


Middleweight Division Championship

173 lbs
Grayson DuRaine



Round 1: vs. Hazard -lost

Pressure Drop
173 lbs

Derek Young

Round 1: vs. Subject to Change Without Reason -won

Round 2: vs. Ankle Biter-won

Round 3: vs. Deadblow -lost

Subject to Change Without Reason
110 lbs

Randy Eubanks

Round 1: vs. Pressure Drop - lost

Super Orbiting Force
110 lbs

Michael Winter

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: vs. Blade Runner -won

Round 3: vs. Hazard-lost

Turtle Roadkill
110 lbs
Sam Steyer

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: vs. Hazard -lost

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