2000 BattleBots - San Francisco
June 9-11, 2000

Event Pictures

unless otherwise marked, photos are by Jim Smentowski

The event was a BLAST! Here are a few random pictures from along the adventure...


Backlash (my lightweight bot) gets to meet Nightmare (Heavyweight) for the first time right before heading off to battle.

Another picture of Backlash and Nightmare. Aren't they CUTE together? Father and son....

Day 1 in the Pits, everyone is hard at work getting their bots ready for the next day!

The other side of the pits. This building in Fort Mason was a great location!

Aaah! A very near catastrophe the Friday night right before the event, when a water main right next to the pits broke while the crew was hanging up a banner with a scissor lift. A water valve broke completely off, spouting everywhere and sending everyone scrambling to save robots and tools while staying a distance from electrical outlets in the Pit. The water shot into the pits a good 20 feet, dousing a LOT of equipment and robots. After the water was off, the puddle slowly crawled its way around the pits while everyone rushed to clean up and move equipment from its path. FUN!

Team S.L.A.M. got the worst of the water blast. Their robot was sitting in an inch of water here (not too visible in this pic though). These guys were great sports, despite their situation. They stayed late Friday night drying off their bot and had it up and running just fine the next morning, overheard quote: "Well, we got the CLEANEST robot here now!"

Another shot of "Ground Zero" where the water main broke. What a crazy adventure!

Christian Carlberg never ceases to amaze me with the number of robots he shows up with. Little "Blinky" here is a reincarnation of Little Slice from the last event. Blinky didn't compete, but Christian certainly had his hands full with Minion and Overkill!

Trey Roski made a miniature version of his big SuperHeavy "Ginsu". Here is "Mini-Ginsu", unfortunately Mini Ginsu had some mechanical problems and could not compete.

Here's something you don't see every day.

I snapped this shot of Carlo Bertocchini, from Biohazard, not only is he opening his toolbox (rarely seen), but he is CUTTING the lock off the toolbox!

He was quoted as saying "I left the key in my car and I parked 2 blocks away".


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