The Underground Robot Street Fight

Our first get-together, Feb. 1999

In February 1999, some impatient robots and their creators descended upon a hidden community in Marin County, CA to practice, show off, and beat up on each other!
This was the first of its kind events. We will most likely be doing this on a regular basis in the future, so stay tuned for more!

updated 3/9/99


Scott LaValley brought along DoAll, the famous tracked robot with a gas powered cut-off saw!


Stephen Felk putting some finishing touches on his new robot Voltarc! This is a well-engineered machine with a powerful lifting mechanism in the front!


Team S.L.A.M. arrived after an amazing 200 mile drive with their new spinning-wedge robot. This father and son team (Lowell and Steven Nelson) were the greatest characters! We welcome you guys back any time, we all had a blast with ya!

This picture shows the camera-dude from Channel 5 News who was there taping the whole thing...

Another picture of S.L.A.M. getting worked on.


This is Llama-Chine. (Ha Ha, couldn't resist), actually this is one of Scott LaValley's llamas that live in his parent's back yard! Cool, huh?

I think you all know what LaMachine really looks like...


Here's the real LaMachine getting a quick tune-up from Greg Monson with Ginsu in the background. That's Trey Roski's head in the way...


Here's Ginsu- the all new robot from Team LaMachine with 20 inch cutting discs in place of wheels that didn't get into the action with everyone else (heck, after all its just a practice get-together, not an all-out destroy each other-- this time, anyway), but got to show off by climbing up the underpass to everyone's amazement! Check out the video below or by clicking on this image.


My robot, Junior is just a middleweight and was massively outweighted by these big boys, but he wanted to show up when Hercules (my heavyweight robot) started a small fire internally the night before and was not able to get back running for the next day. Junior got a couple scrapes and dings, but came away happy as a clam!


This is a shot from inside Team LaMachine's workshop, where the camera crew set everyone up for an interview. This was cool to see all the robots and their creators together. Left to Right is Scott LaValley, Trey Roski, and Greg Monson, The robots are DoLittle (Their first robot), DoAll (on the floor), Ginsu (on the chair in back), and LaMachine (DooMore is hanging on the wall off camera to the right). This interview was fun to watch, and although very little of it got in the final cut that aired on Channel 5 Evening Magazine, I had fun watching and listening.

I can't wait to do it all again! Hopefully Hercules will be feeling well enough to show up next time!

Video Footage from the February 1999 Underground Robot Street Fight!!

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Underground Robot Street Combat - February 1999
This is a collection of video images from our little get-together in early February 1999. You can see all the robots that showed up here, and a little about the cool place we found to do this whole thing! We will definitely have to do this again sometime!
Oh yeah, sorry to Stephen Felk, whose robot Voltarc didn't make it into this cut, I didn't have anything I could fit in here.
This one's a biggie, over 1Mb, but well worth it! Enjoy!


LaMachine smashes DoAll

LaMachine was there, showing off for the camera crew from Channel 5 News, and of course, Scott LaValley was more than happy to put DoAll (who had been sitting idle in the garage for several months before the morning of our event), in LaMachine's path.


S.L.A.M. Gets SLAMMED by LaMachine

Team S.L.A.M. was gracious enough to actually drive over 200 miles to get to our Underground Robot Street Fight! This cool robot showed off for the crowd and the cameras, and LaMachine didn't seem to like this, so here is what happened! Hmm, I think Team S.L.AM. will be doing some LaMachine retrofitting for the next meeting!


Voltarc shows LaMachine a thing or two

Voltarc got into the act, and somehow got under that shell of LaMachine, and lifted LaMachine into the air! This wasn't really any kind of battle, but it was interesting to see the winner of the "my robot is closer to the ground than yours" contest!


Ginsu does some dangerous hill climbing

When all the other robots had had their fill of metal and asphault, Ginsu rolled into the street to show off what those massive custom cutting blades can do! Ginsu cuts up the sidewalk and climbs up the embankment on the side of the underpass! Watch out, Trey- you don't want to get run over by that thing coming back down!