Robot Tank Tread / Tracks Set

This set contains two complete tread sets, right and left. All you need to do is add your drive motors, speed controllers and batteries to have a complete drive system.

- Very sturdy construction. The side plates are made from 3/32” steel
- 9” tall, 5” wide, 20 1⁄2” long
- Each track has two tread tensioners, one on each side
- Each track has two 3⁄4” bushings, one on each side
- Drive sprocket has 17 teeth, inside wheel sprocket has 14 teeth (for a 1.21:1 ratio)
- One full revolution of the tread makes the track travel 52”
- Large contact patch, allows for maximum traction
- The 3/4" shaft holding the drive sprocket (shown in picture) is only there to hold the sprocket in place during shipping. It has no functional use. The set you receive may or may not have this shaft.

- Weight approx. 22 lbs each side (A lot of weight can be drilled or cut away from these, other bots that have used these have cut several pounds of excess material from each side)

These tracks were originally manufactured for high end snow blowers. All sets are surplus parts but are brand new, never used. Surplus in this case means, the snow blowers were discontinued and these tracks were warehoused for a period of time. The set you receive may be a little dusty/dirty and may have some nicks, scratches and small areas of surface rust from previous storage and shipping. The tracks pictured represent the average condition of a set.

Please note also that these treads are not symmetrically opposite of each other, the drive shaft location is offset slightly from each side.

These treads are fairly heavy, so we have set a fixed $35 shipping, which will cover delivery to anywhere in the Continental US.