Carlo B. explained how the SORC Meeting on 8/15/98 went on the Robot Wars Forum:

The turnout at the meeting was huge, and although I didn't count, my guess is that we had over 100 people. I just want to list some of the major points that were discussed, and some of the key decisions that resulted.

1. Steve Plotnicki has been in contact with Todd Mendenhall, and has offered to not sue SORC for putting on an event, as long as SORC gets a license from profile first. The terms of said license were "to be determined".

2. The proposal was discussed, and when it came time to vote, an incredible, almost unanimous, show of hands, confirmed that the members of SORC will not seek a license from Profile for any event that SORC might endorse or sponsor. Some of the members voiced some opinions about what Profile could do with their proposal, which I can't repeat on this family-oriented website.

3. Ways and means for dealing with the inevitable lawsuit were discussed, and many good suggestions were put forward concerning methods of raising capital, getting support from the media, and getting legal representation.

4. Several of the people at the meeting will be pursuing these ways and means, but a vote as to SORC's official policy on these items was never taken.

I suggest that the leadership of SORC make their official policy public, and post it here, and on their web site in unequivocal language that makes it clear exactly what their role will be in promoting the best interests of the robot builders. Specifically, I would like to see answers to the following questions:

1. Will SORC attempt to have their own robot competition?

2. Will SORC take an active roll in coordinating the gathering of resources that will be required to defend against the inevitable lawsuit?

Granted, it may be a little premature to expect an answer to question number one, but I see no reason why question number two can not be answered immediately. Any entity that decides to promote a robot competition would welcome SORC's support in defending against the frivolous and legally meritless lawsuit that might result.

I see this as a bit of a crossroads in the coarse that SORC can take. A yes or no answer to the above questions would be okay with me, and either way I will continue to welcome the support that SORC gives to the robot building community. But the answers should be made public quickly because many people who might want to pursue the goal of promoting a non-Profile event are going to just wait and see what SORC decides. If SORC gives a definite "no" as the answers to the above two questions, then those folks that are anxious to move forward will do so without waiting for SORC. If the answer is "yes" to question number two, then all the people who are anxious to make things happen will know exactly were to channel their resources, energy, and funds.