Team Nightmare's first Antweight Robot

Rebuilt ShazBot  

ShazBot rebuilt for Tensilica 2.0 SOZbots

I completely rebuilt ShazBot in 2 days in preparation for the SOZbots Tensilica 2.0 event in June 2004 in San Diego. I decided to leave the old ShazBot together, as an emergency-replacement, so now I have TWO ShazBots!

The rebuild paid off, as ShazBot WON 1st place on Day 3 of the event, and then wrapped up by taking the overall 1st place championship when the 3 winners from all 3 days battled.

Improvements to this version of ShazBot include:

- A new heavy-duty TITANIUM plow to kill just about any spinner out there.
- New dual-servo design for greater lifting capacity- using new, smaller metal-gear servos.
- Center-mount servo arm, pushing the wheels further back, making the bot easier to drive, while reducing the overall length required for the lifting arm
- Lithium Polymer batteries, no more bulky and heavy NiMh battery pack.
- Side-mount charging plug, just plug in the charger and go.
- BLUE Carbon fiber armor and (again) 1/4" Lexan walls.

  January 22 2005: ShazBot took 4rd place at the Marin Ant Wars, losing to Hummer, after winning several fights.
  October 9-10 2004: ShazBot was out of his game at the 2004 RFL Nationals, and went 0-2. Bummer.
July 1-4 2004: ShazBot fought his way to a 2nd place victory at the NPC Charity Open in Anoka, Minnesota, losing in the finals to my other bot, MicroNightmare. Donald Hutson was guest-driving ShazBot.

June 9 2004: ShazBot fought at the Tensilica SOZbots event in San Diego, California. This was a multi-day event, and he took the1st place championship on day 3 of the tournament. He also went on to win the grand championship against the 2 other daily winners from the previous days. Two championships in one day!
June 8 2004: ShazBot fought at the Tensilica SOZbots event in San Diego, California. This was a multi-day event, and he won 2nd place on day 2 of the tournament.
  May 22 2004: ShazBot, guest-driven by Stephen Felk, competed at the Sacbots Gilroy Bot Gauntlet in Gilroy, CA, but only won 1 fight.

April 1 2004: This was an event with a new competition each day, on day 3, Shazbot took 3rd place at the Tensilica SOZbots 3.4 event at the Tensilica booth in San Francisco, CA. He won 5 out of 7 fights.


March 31 2004: Shazbot fought at the Tensilica SOZbots 3.3 event at the Tensilica booth in San Francisco, CA. Didn't do so well this time, losing both fights.

  March 20-21 2004: Shazbot fought at the SOZbots 3.1 event at the RobOlympics event in San Francisco, CA. I didn't do quite as well, but did win 3 out of 5 fights, taking 7th place.
  December 2003: Shazbot fought at the RSA Holiday Games SOZbots 2.7 tournament in San Francisco, California. As normal, I was concentrating heavily on MicroNightmare, so I let other builders drive ShazBot for me. ShazBot won no fights, coming in 18th place. Bummer.

October 18 2003: ShazBot competed at the Sacbash event in Sacramento, CA, and WON 1st place!


August 30 2003: ShazBot fought at the Robot Assault event in Henderson, North Carolina. Once again, I let guest drivers for ShazBot, winning only a couple fights, he didn't do as well this time.

  August 2003: Shazbot fought at the Steel Conflict 4 SOZbots 2.6 tournament in Los Angeles, California. Again, I turned the controls over to a guest driver, so I could concentrate on MicroNightmare. ShazBot won no fights this time, and came in 15th place.

July 27 , 2003: Shazbot fought at the RSA Robot Games and Expo SOZbots 2.5 tournament in San Francisco, California. I didn't drive ShazBot this time (they allowed guest drivers- I was concentrating on my other Antweight, MicroNightmare), so ShazBot didn't to so well this tournament, winning only 1 fight to take 11th place.

  February 8-9, 2003: Shazbot fought at the Steel Conflict 2 SOZbots 2.1 tournament in Pomona, California. Didn't do as good this time, he fought his way to 9th place with 2 wins, 2 losses.
December 15 2002: Shazbot took 1st place at his third competition, fighting an amazing 10 fights to take the championship of the RSA Fall Robot Games and Expo, SOZbots 1.5 tournament! 9 wins 1 loss. 3 tournaments in a row.
December 7 2002: Shazbot took 1st place at his second competition, going undefeated after 5 wins to take the championship of the Robot Club & Grille Grand Opening tournament!
November 2002: Shazbot's first event was the Las Vegas Street Fight, and he took home the championship! 1st place his first time out, not bad!

Original Shazbot  

1st place at the Las Vegas Street Fight, November, 2002!

Sweet! Never expected to go undefeated my first time out!

Look at that trophy! It weighs about four times as much as ShazBot himself! On to the next tournament...

1st place at the Robot Club & Grille Grand Opening Tournament, December 8, 2002!

How cool is that? ShazBot won two tournaments in a row! Awesome trophy too! What a blast!

Thanks to Fuzzy for having such a great event in the first-ever permanent robot fighting arena!

Here's a photo of ShazBot celebrating his victory.

1st place at the SOZbots 1.5 tournament, December 15, 2002!

Now this is getting too weird. Three tournaments, all three resulting in 1st place wins.

I think I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket now....

Seriously, this was an awesome event, with a TON of very nasty Antweights and a lot of great people.

ShazBot looks forward to some upgrades and heading off to the next Antweight tournament- Steel Conflict in February 2003!

For now, get some rest, little guy.

No trophy photo here (SOZbots doesn't give any out), but I did get a nice $200 check and $50 in SOZbots gift certificates!)


Well, nothing can last forever....

ShazBot competed at the Steel Conflict 2 SOZbots tournament, and although he won a couple of good fights, the battle-worn ShazBot was no match for the rebuilt VDD (who went on to win the championship this time).

Watch for an upgraded and angry ShazBot next time! ShazBot needs to reclaim his throne once again ;-)

About ShazBot....  

Here's a pic of ShazBot after the Las Vegas Street Fight, with some slight damage to his 7075 aluminum actuated plow.

ShazBot was designed with one thing in mind- take out all those mean spinners in the Antweight class. And he ended up achieving this goal quite well- ShazBot defeated three VERY mean spinners in a row at the Las Vegas Street Fight!

Here's a short QuickTime clip of his first fight versus VDD.

I built ShazBot in about 1 week, using mainly scrap parts from around my shop and several components from

What is "ShazBot"?
Yeah, OK, I'm dating myself a bit here... Remember the late 70's, early 80's TV Show "Mork & Mindy"? It's one of the many odd things that Mork (played by Robin Williams) would say. You can hear him say it in this audio clip of the theme song. I just thought it sounded fun and silly, since it has the word "Bot" in it.

ShazBot is essentially a very solid BRICK of a bot with an actuated, armored lifting plow.

Yes, that's 1/4" Lexan all the way around! Carbon fiber panels on top and bottom help protect the insides, which are carefully mounted to avoid impact damage. The inboard wheels help keep them away from the mean saws and spinners that would otherwise cut the foam rubber to shreds.

Not only can ShazBot run upside-down, but with the help of his 360° rotating wedge-plow, he can somersault himself out of situtations that may otherwise immobilize an antweight.