The following is a note sent to me on 8/10/98 in response to a plea for information from Steve Plotnicki of Profile records:


Thanks for taking the time to write to me directly. While I would like us to have a dialogue where I can explain things in more detail, I'm not prepared to do so at this time. I hope that will change soon. What I can tell you is that we moved for an injunction on Wednesday. The Court asked the parties to attend a conference call on Friday afternoon. Prior to that call taking place, Gary cancelled Robotica and entered into an order of consent. The Court never got a chance to rule on the injunction. I have no idea why Gary canceled the event.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to write or call.


Steve 212-529-2600


Note that I am only posting this message here because I thought it was an interesting "different story" than what we have been hearing