The following posting appeared on the Robot Wars Forum on 7/3/98:

From: Mentorn Group (OFFICIAL)
Posted: 7/3/98 11:48:00 AM


The producers of the hit British television series Robot Wars in association with the BBC are hoping to host and record an official Robot Wars competition - under license - at the Fort Mason Centre in San Francisco on the weekend of the 14-16 August.

This official Robot Wars event would be held to determine the American champions of 1998 and may subsequently be broadcast on British TV as an episode in the forthcoming second series. Champions and other robot warriors who feature in this event may then be invited to come to London to take part in a future international recorded competition!

The event will follow the competitive structure of previous American competitions, using the accepted rules and regulations of the sport. The competition may also feature some of Britain's best robots who would be flown into San Francisco to take part and may also involve prize money.

The staging of this event relies on us being able to feature the highest calibre of robots, so we urgently need your response. Please email or fax us by Friday 10 July if you are interested in competing.

Fax: + 44 171 434 0853

Thanks and happy roboteering!

The producers reserve the right to cancel the event at their discretion.

Read that last line again before you decide that you would want to go to this event instead of Robotica!
Can you say "Cover Your Ass?"