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2-Channel Digisafe Failsafe Module
DigiFailSafe allows you to program the position of the servos or speed controllers in the event of radio signal loss or interference.


Air Guard Micro Failsafe Module
A programmable fail-safe unit, designed to return the signal from your receiver (running to your servo, speed controller, etc), back to a pre-defined brake position in the event of a signal loss to your receiver, or when the receiver's input voltage drops below 4.0 volts.


Dynamite Race Guard Micro Failsafe
The programmable fail-safe unit is designed to return your throttle to a preset brake position in the event of a signal loss to your receiver or when the receiver's input drops below 4.0 volts.


Sinewinder RC Lighting System
Sinewinder is an attractive, easy to use lighting system for your R/C vehicle.


EasyLights Controllable R/C Lighting System
EasyLights are an attractive, easy to use lighting system for your R/C vehicle.


Deans Ultra to JST Power Tap for BEC's & Lighting Setups
No need to carry an additional battery for lighting, winches or BECs.


DigiSlower Servo Slower
DigiSlower is a programmable traverse-rate servo controller allowing different rates for each channel.


TraverseLock Servo Lock for Pan/Tilt Applications
TraverseLock is designed for camera pan and tilt applications where the panning or tilting is locked when the control stick is centered and only moves when the stick is moved.


Universal Bind Plug
Universal Bind Plug


Spektrum Male/Female Universal Bind Plug
Quickly and easily plugs directly into Spektrum receivers or through the charge jack on the switch.


Spektrum Voltage Protector
Voltage protector for DSM systems.


Spektrum Flight Log
Spektrum's optional Flight Log is a unique tool that allows you to view the performance of your radio system like never before.


Hobbico VoltWatch Battery Monitor
Never lose a battle because you forgot to charge your R/C battery pack! With 7 LEDs providing instant, accurate battery voltage status for your R/C battery pack, the VoltWatch is a super accessory for combat robots.


Banana Plug to Pins Adapter Cord for Digital Volt Meter
This banana plug adapter for digital volt meters comes with two small pins perfect for testing individual lipo cells.


SB-3 Signal Booster
The SB-3 signal booster can boost 3 RC channels for use with popular speed controllers such as the Victor 883 The SB-3 also provides signal splitting, eliminating the need for Y-cables.


Servo Tester
A must-have for any serious robot or electric vehicle builder!


G.T. Power Premium Servo Tester
The G.T. Power Servo Tester - CCPM Servo Consistency Master is a very handy servo driver/tester that can test the consistency and set the centering for up to 3 servos simultaneously.


Spring to Ratchet Metal Conversion Kit
Metal conversion kit for changing spring mechanism to ratchet in the GWT-4A and GWT-6A radio systems.


AA Battery Box Holder - 1x2
AA Battery Box - 1x2


GWS Transmitter Crystal Holder
GWS Transmitter Crystal Holder




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