The following announcement was released to the American BattleBots competitors on July 7, 2000.

Posted: 7/7/00



Many thanks for your prompt reply to our announcement - it's great to get so much positive feedback. As you are all obviously aware there is very little time to organise getting teams and robots over from the States, so I will try to answer the main questions that have come back to us as briefly as possible.

1 Heavyweight robots up to 95kg are acceptable (unfortunately Super Heavyweights cannot take part).
2 The rules are basically the same as the previous Robot Wars events in America.
3 Teams need to be limited to 3 people (at least one must be over 18 years of age).
4 Freight, travel and accommodation will be paid for.
5 The format is a knockout competition between American robots. There may also be the opportunity to compete with robots from the UK and elsewhere in Europe. The competition will feature the “House Robots” - the resident robots of the British TV series. To reassure you, they only ever engage in combat if provoked or their designated zones are entered. Think of them as mobile hazards!
6 The stage area is 52' by 40', with hazards and will be encased in polycarbonate.
7 If you haven't got a passport, I believe you can obtain one in 10 days - it may be prudent to start looking into this immediately.
8 There will be no auditions as such but I would like you to provide us with information regarding your robot's previous experience and a photograph to aid selection.
9 We don't foresee any restrictions regarding sponsorship, but this is an issue that ultimately MTV may have a position on and we will raise it with them.

If you are still interested please email the following:

1 Your full snail mail address
2 All contact telephone numbers
3 Your nearest international airport
4 Names, ages and details of your team members
5 Estimated weight of robot and tools you would wish to bring
6 Dimensions of your robot for freight
7 Jpeg or BMP of your robot
8 Details of batteries, power, transmitter frequencies etc to ensure that you can charge up in England

Please contact me immediately with any other queries you may have on 0 11 44 973 823 434 over the weekend or next week on 0 11 44 207 258 6790.

Best wishes

Mary-Jane Evans
Associate Producer