The following letters were posted on the Robot Wars Forum on 8/11/98:

From: Tom Gutteridge (Mentorn) (GUTTERIDGE)
To: Mark Wingfield (WINGERS)

Hi Mark, if you are interested in building a robot for the next TV series of Robot Wars - or any future British events - please give us a call on 0171-734 4542. Ask for Stephen. We'll happily provide some video tapes to help you with the design and construction of your robot. If you'd like to join the Robot Wars Club - 3500 members already! - please write to Robot Wars Club, LONDON, W1E 1AW. There's a small charge of 10 for the club pack, which includes builder application forms, rules and regulations, a free video, club newsletter, badge and merchandising information. This 10 joining fee will be refunded if you go on to build a robot which is used on the show.

Best wishes, Tom.


From: Tom Gutteridge (Mentorn) (GUTTERIDGE)

Thank you very much for your comment. Also thank you to everyone who has sent us responses with interest in taking part in an international RW event here in London. There's so much interest, we're hoping to stage a big televised event in February 99 -- we've booked a venue already in Central London. Unfortunately we can only pay for a few US competitors to come over so if anyone's got any suggestions how we can narrow down the field, we'd welcome advice. We're also hoping competitors in Russia, Scandinavia and in Belgium, Holland, Germany and France, will join in too. Please keep February clear. It's going to take a bit of organising and we want to get this TV series out of the way first. Best wishes,