The following letter was posted on the Robot Wars Forum on 7/27/98:

To: All
From: The Mentorn Group

Unfortunately there wasn?t sufficient support for a BBC TV show featuring American and British robots in competition this year, the recording of which had been proposed for the weekend of the 14-16 August at the Fort Mason Centre in San Francisco. Naturally we are disappointed that this is the case.

As an alternative we are now looking into the possibility of recording an international Robot Wars competition of some description - provisionally scheduled for the 27th August - here in London. Should this competition go ahead we will be able to cover the freight, travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of American teams. Email or fax us immediately with details of your team and robot should you wish to be considered.

Best wishes.

Tom Gutteridge
Chief Executive, The Mentorn Group

fax: + 44 171-434 0853