May 2001


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It's over! Whew! BattleBots #5 is now over. Wow, so much to look back on, so many amazing fights, I am still in shock. The event was simply amazing. I had such a great time, and it looked like everyone else was having a blast too. I'm so glad to have met so many other builders- to those of you who came by to talk to me, thanks! There were so many neat new robots, I couldn't even keep track of them all, it was absolutely amazing. My pit crew and I took over 650 photos in and around the pits, and as I relax from doing anything with my own bots over the next few weeks, I will begin to sort the pics out and organize a new Treasure Island section for the Event Archive. I'm sure I'll need some help from those of you who were there.

BattleBots Season 3.0 will begin airing on about July 10.


Update from the PIT

Several points of good news so far from BattleBots.. yesterday, my lightweight Whirligig (co-built and operated by 14-year old Jeremy Franklin) passed safety and weighed in 10 lbs underweight! Whirligig is ready to rock the box!

OK, since the cat is out of the bag, via a Newsweek article that came out Monday... THE SWARM (pictured here) has also made it through safety and is 2 lbs under the Superheavyweight limit. The Swarm is a 3-part multibot in the superheavyweight division, I contributed 1 of the 3 parts- "Locust". Stephen Felk (of Voltronic fame) contributes "Mosquito". And topping off the crew is Paul Mathus (of Das Bot fame), who adds "Dragonfly" to the mix. The Swarm will definitely be a blast.

In other good Team Nightmare news, Nightmare's replacement batteries (that were delayed for a month) finally came in yesterday, and he is much happier now. And Backlash, with new disk, teeth and armor, is ready to go.

By the way, the pits are FULL of evil, maniacal new entries! I'm taking pictures and will eventually be posting them here in an all new Event Archive, but for now, I'm getting ready to fight....

This is going to be one heck of a good show...


Ready to roll.

All FOUR of Team Nightmare's robots are pretty much ready for BattleBots! Other than a bit of paint and stickers, I think I'm ready. And exhausted, too. See you all there!

I can't believe I'm doing this, I must be nuts....


The Robot Builder Database is back online! Sorry for the downtime...


There's still time to order your Team Nightmare shirt so you can wear it to the next BattleBots May 24-28 in San Francisco! Show your support of Team Nightmare and order yours today. These will definitely be sold out after the event, I don't have many left... sizes M-XXL are still available,


BattleBots tickets are on sale NOW!

Tickets for the May 24-28 show are available now at If you're planning on buying your tickets, you better hurry before they run out! Go here to check out all the info.


Whew, is it May already? April went way too fast. BattleBots is only a few weeks away! Are you ready? I'm not... that's the main reason I haven't been updating this site as regularly lately, too busy on all the bots. I just hope I can finish them in time....

I just wanted to let those of you who have been sending me additions/updates for the link pages, new robot media articles, and submissions for the fans section, that I haven't forgotten about you, and will be getting to these eventually, I just haven't had the time to fit it all in. So, I'm thinking of you, but it may take a while to catch up, maybe not until after the event. Thanks for all the contributions and support for this site.