March 2000


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Wow! Sometimes when it rains, it POURS robot information! BattleBots just released some information on their web site regarding some past, current, and future of their organization. Things are definitely looking VERY good! You have to go read it for yourself, but in short:

BattleBots is gaining international support

BattleBots is receiving network television interest

There was a BattleBots event in Japan with Fuji TV earlier in March (!) Vlad the Impaler retained his world champion status in the battles

BattleBots is working on becoming a running series on a major domestic network Television station, production begins in June.

BattleBots is getting prime time air coverage on the Fox TV show 'Malcom in the Middle'.


That's the short version, now GO to the BattleBots site and read the news for yourself!

I have added three new things to the Media section. First, I added the article that recently appeared in the I.D. Magazine about BattleBots, and I also added some scanned images from the February 2000 Fast Company article. I also added an L.A. Times article that I somehow missed from August 1999. Enjoy!



I've been getting a lot of questions lately about some basic RC control over a BattleBot, so I've added a few new sections to my tips page, including an easy-to-read illustration on how tank-steering works. This should be helpful to beginners who are finding it difficult to grasp all the advanced terminology found elsewhere on the web. Enjoy!



Some fantastic robot stuff going on out there! Here's some highlights if you haven't been out much:

You gotta check this out- The great U.K. Robot, Killerhurtz recently underwent a temporary modification to include a very powerful suction system underneath- powerful enough to hold this heavyweight robot upside down from a ceiling!! Check out the video and pics, I gotta hand it to these guys, way to go!

Another great robot I've been keeping a close eye on is Boris, a spiderlike walking robot that has been under construction since 1997. Boris is finally up and walking! Well, at least he can stand up and wave- check out the site. Very impressive stuff! I can't wait to see it in person!

BotBash has released their new poster, promoting their upcoming event (May 6-7). Excellent poster design by Chris Adams (I think). This will be one great event! I can't wait!


Thanks to a suggestion from a reader (Josh Alperin), I've added new functionality to the autolinks pages, now when you position your cursor over the icons, it will tell you what the icon means (so you don't have to keep looking back at the key)

Think things have been slow around here for my robot building lately? Think again. I've been busy at my Nightmare upgrades, and my whole new robot, destined for BotBash 2000! This new robot (my 5th!), whom I've tagged Backlash, is coming along great, I drove him around for the first time in his nearly complete form today, and what a rush! I've really been slacking on the photos this time, I need to get the camera out to the workshop soon. Don't worry, he'll get his own page here sooner or later. Its NEAT building a SMALL robot for once! I like being able to work on a benchtop or table, it's bringing a whole new experience for me, and I like it!

Oh yeah, and speaking of workshop, I've gone off the deep end and bought myself a medium duty milling machine (if you can call a 600 lb tool medium duty...), as well as a horizontal/vertical band saw to add to my shop. I'm very excited about these new additions to help me with my robot construction. I guess now I have to change my tune about only working with hardware store tools, huh? Oh well, I can deal with that.


I've been working on reconstructing my autolinks page to make it easier to access (especially since according to the site statistics, it is about the most popular part of this site!)

I have just added the long-overdue Robot Parts Suppliers links section, and will continue to grown that section in the coming months.

I also separated out the links pages into their own dedicated sections (U.S., U.K,Robot- Related and Suppliers), to make it easier for those of you with slower internet connections. As the tables grew, so were the download times. This should help out with the load there dramatically.

While the autolinks page is not quite finished, I thought my readers might enjoy looking at what I've been working on for the links page, so I've made it public as of today. Please feel free to with any suggestions or additions to these autolinks pages. Thanks

I forgot to mention earlier that Jason Bardis of Infernolab robots also got his robot, Missing Link on T.V.! His robot can be seen on the Monday episode of "Grown Ups" on UPN. (Although you might have trouble recognizing it under all the 'makeup' that the stage crew ended up putting on the 'bot) Congratulations, Jason!


Looks like the folks over at the Robot Wars U.K. have been busy. They just released a new completely reworked version of their web site.


The new updated rules from SORC are in the works. Todd Mendenhall has made the first drafts available for all to see. You may read them here. (download as two MS Word documents)

More neat news about robot publicity- Team Sinister's Peter Abrahamson is using his robot Ronin as the drive platform for a robot character for the popular TV sitcom show 'Friends'. The company "Film Illusions" that Peter works for was hired to build a robot in 5 days for the show. Starting with Ronin's treads as a base they added a humanoid torso, arms, and head (ala "Short Circuit") to finally come up with "C.H.E.E.S.E." of Joey's new job on a TV cop show called "Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.". The episode will air April 27th on NBC.


Hi, and welcome to the March update page. Wow, was that a whole month that went by? February was kind of a slow news month, but I've archived the page below with the rest of the previous updates.

The annoucement from BattleBots that everyone was awaiting came yesterday- a letter sent to all the contestants announced that there will be a BattleBots event in June 2000 in the San Francisco Bay area! You may read the letter here.