January 2001


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Cool! BattleBots is strutting it's stuff for the Toy Companies at this year's Toy Fair! Does this mean that BattleBots toys might be on the way? Looks that way- from the Tiger Toys site: "...Tiger [is] producing a line of cool BattleBots products for 2001"

Check out this announcement, that recently appeared on the BattleBots site:

The largest Toy trade show in the western hemisphere will play host to a BattleBots expo on February 12th, 2001. Six top ranked BattleBots will duke it out in the Hasbro show room -- Showing the toy industry what Robot Combat is all about. Attendance is limited to the Trade, but Tiger Electronics (a division of Hasbro) is holding a contest for free tickets (see below).

Win a trip for two (2) to New York City on February 12th to visit Toy Fair and watch a LIVE BattleBots event from the Hasbro Showroom! Click the link below to visit and enter this exciting contest!


The date has been announced for the East Coast Hobby Show Robot Conflict in Fort Washington, PA, on March 24, 2001.


BattleBots in Canada Starts tonight

The Comedy Network will start airing BattleBots Season 1.0 tonight at 8:30pm.

There's been a bunch of publicity about it up North, check out some of the local articles:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Ha! Comedy Central put the exit interview after the Nightmare/Biohazard fight up on their site. Yeah, perhaps I was a little bit pumped after this match....Hope you all got a chance to see it last week! SPARKS everywhere!

What a fun fight! I've never had more fun losing. Check out Biohazard's fight damage from Nightmare!

Carlo Bertocchini, Biohazard's builder recently posted on the BattleBots forum:

"That is a 1/2 inch wide gap about 4 inches long in 3/16 titanium. The hinges on both fenders were also ruined. Beware of Nighmare's blade!"

Now if only they would have shown the 2 earlier fights in this season when Nightmare acutally won!

photo courtesy of Charles Carns



My good friend Noel Rubin over at designed this awesome desktop pattern for Team Nightmare!

You can see some more of his work, including other desktops and lots of neat Flash/Shockwave/modeling goodies on his site. Make sure to check out his demo reel, which shows some of his cool work on Star Wars-Episode 1.

Right Click on the link to download or click to view


The "Meet The Robots" section of the BattleBots site finally got updated with the Season 2.0 robots! Check it out!


Hey cool! Nightmare will be on the next BattleBots show on Tuesday!

He and I are featured in the new update on Comedy Central's BattleBots pages!


A little robot humor for ya here. Here's a funny clip aired back in '95 on Saturday Night Live, concerning Robot Insurance! Check it out!


I've updated the Backlash page with the match results from the San Francisco 2000 BattleBots!

I also found a site with interesting recaps of all the matches that have been to date for BattleBots, series 1.0-2.0, I don't know where else to put it on my site, so here it is.

I tracked down/was tipped by readers of a whole slew of new & old BattleBots articles that were out there, I put them on the media page. If you see any other stuff that I don't have, keep it coming! Thanks!


I finally got around to putting a navigational bar at the top of all the pages of this site. I hope it helps everyone navigate around a little easier.


They're HERE!

Finally, the Team Nightmare 2001 T-shirts are available! Check them out in the new Team Nightmare Store

1/4/01 (part 2)

BattleBots in Canada!

The Comedy Network has announced that they will be premiering BattleBots on their network, starting January 26 at 8:30pm, with weekly episodes for all of Series 1.0!


I've been getting so many good emails over the last few months, I've decided to share a small taste of what people have been saying about and my robots Nightmare and Backlash! Check out the new comments page.

Thanks for all the great compliments, it is great to know that people are getting enjoyment out of my work!


Looks like Robot Wars is back at it. They've sent out a letter attempting to recruit up to 25 robot builders for an event to be held in early March 2001 in Southern CA, with the results supposedly to be aired in May. No further information has come available, and strangely, the Robot Wars web site has not been updated since December 1999.


Happy New Year! Wow, that's weird looking, that "01" thing. Just when I was getting used to "00". Anyway, out with the old, I've archived the December updates below with the rest, and made a new horizontal navigation bar to browse through old update pages from years past.

Check it out, Kevin Lillie, who competed at the recent Las Vegas BattleBots, got a front-page article in his local paper!