February 2000


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I've been really busy lately, so no updates in a while, basically the biggest news is that the BattleBots Pay-Per-View sounds like it was a good success. No numbers are available yet, but it looks like a LOT of people tuned in! The last showing was this weekend, and there are so many people getting interested, as shown by all the activity on the Forum, all the e-mails I have been getting, and the almost 500 percent increase in traffic I have received on this website alone since day one of the PPV showing! Wow! Nice to know there are so many robot combat freaks like me out there!

Fast Company magazine has a great article in their newest edition all about BattleBots and highlights the great guys over at Team Rhino.

In other news, I am gearing up and starting construction on my as-yet-unnamed 50 pound Bot Bash robot entry! Yes, that's right, Team Hercules will be represented at this year's Bot Bash in Phoenix AZ. It promises to be a real treat!


Christian Carlberg has just completed an awesome Builders' Guide for both newbies and experienced robot builders alike. Check it out if you are looking for tips and resources for creating your own BattleBot!

Team Saber also recently added a very nice tips section to their own site.

There are tons of other robot sites that offer robot building, mechanical/electronic help, as well as parts-locating information. Check out my links page and look for any of the teams with a "" icon next to their listing. If you know of any I've missed, please let me know!

Don't forget to read my own Tips and FAQ section!


Hello and Happy February! I have archived the January updates at the bottom of this page, along with all the rest, if you missed reading these, there was definitely a lot going in, so make sure to go back and see what heppened!

I have been pretty busy around here lately. When you visit, always look in the middle column of the home page to see what has changed most recently. Here's a little about what has been changed recently:

I have been updating the Nightmare page, adding to the BattleBots event results, added a bunch of links to other robot competitions on the publicity/events page, and tried to keep as current as possible on all the Robot Combat related articles that come out and posted them on my Media page. There have also been some changes and additions to the Autolinks page and the Tips page.

I got my BotBash video yesterday, and watched it immediately. It was definitely a professional edit and taping, very entertaining, and I loved every minute. This really makes me want to build one of this smaller robots to go compete at the BotBash event this year! If you have not ordered your video yet, DO IT NOW, here is more info:

The 1999 BotBash Video is now available! You can get your very own copy for only $15. This 25 minute production, filmed at last year's BotBash, features a ton of great footage, including:

1) The Pits - with interviews from the builders
2) Autonmous - watch the smart robots make it on their own
3) Sumo - My robot can push yours!
4) Battle - You've seen it on TV, now have your own video!

Don't forget, the next BotBash 2000 is May 6-7 in Mesa, AZ!