December 1999


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Ready for Y2K? Lets hope that everyone keeps their cool during this New Years Eve turn of the century. I, for one will be avoiding major cities and most travel to avoid the looting and other craziness I'm sure people will bring on... Play it safe everyone, and have a Happy New Year!


Let me take this opportunity to wish all of the visitors to a very Merry Christmas!
I hope you are all having a great time with family and friends, and I hope you all get the robot tools and parts that you need under the tree!

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."
Luke 2:14

Merry Christmas everyone!


Whoops! I'm going way over my limits on allowable server throughput for this site through my ISP, and they have started charging me (a lot!) for the extra traffic. Looks like I need to find yet another new home for (This will be my 4th move! Whew!) I guess I will be doing some shopping around for server space and eventually reloacting, I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that I will be moving once again, so now is as good a time as any to update your bookmark and links to this site to go to instead of the Earthlink one. You'll always be able to get here with the link, no matter where my server lives.

Any recommendations for good, fast, cheap, and reliable servers/hosting would be appreciated! E-mail me if you know of one! Oh yeah, and rest assured, when I get a new server, I'm gonna pack it full of these robot pictures and video that are too big to fit on my current server. Fun fun fun!


Nightmare Goes for a ride.
Last weekend was the big Lucas Company Employee Holiday Party, and the annual tradition is to display artwork of the employees in an exhibit at the party. For several years, I've been looking at the entries and saying to myself "Why not bring one of my robots? They're 'art' after all!" So, this time I did. Nightmare drew quite a crowd at the exhibit, including the main man himself, I was told that George seemed to be studying Nightmare pretty thoroughly... Hmmmm.
"Look sir, droids!"


Missing anything? Sorry a little late here, but I have a couple of unclaimed items that were left in the truck for the November BattleBots-Vegas event.

FOUND: One small, green plastic parts bin with assorted items inside, and one medium-duty standup dolly. Please e-mail me to identify and claim these items if they are yours.


I've added the 1999 BattleBots - Las Vegas Report online. Of course, I cannot put any results up until after the January 29 Pay-Per-View, so until then, I've posted some pics of the robots and the fun surrounding this event. Enjoy! If you see something to add, I know it is incomplete and possibly incorrect in some places, so please let me know.


I've archived the November news page below with the rest, Happy December! Can you believe its the last month of the century? Whew, this year has gone by too fast!

Nothing really new to report, not much has been going on out there, at least not much that has been made public. Rumors are that BattleBots contestants should be gearing up for yet another event sometime in the early part of 2000 (March-May timeframe). Nothing official yet announced, but that was the talk at the recent Las Vegas BattleBots. It looks like BattleBots will be going on 4-5 times a year, all around the country, and even internationally, not just once a year in the same place. Time will tell, especially after the January 29 Pay-Per-View airing of the event! I can't wait to see it, there was a LOT of good action that the cameras were around to catch.

Andrew Lindsay, creator of some great robots and the Team Spike website, one of my favorite robot links, has announced he is (at least temporarily) retiring from Robot Combat and most of his website activity will go the same way. Let me be the first to say "Thank You", Andrew for all you have done with your fantastic website and reports that kept us gearheads and robot-ololics in the community informed. You will be missed during this time to let you get back to 'reality'. Keep in touch!

I should be finally getting myself to do the Las Vegas event report pictures here soon, watch in the next few days for that to happen. No, I will not be able to report any of the matches until after the PPV airs.

I think I've fixed most of the bugs in my AutoLinks page script over the last week or so. If you see something out of place there, or something that needs to be added or changed, please let me know.