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New info for old stuff! I've finally gotten around to cleaning up the old Hercules 1997 pages, and added some new pics and other info too. Check it out! Other pages will follow when I have the time.

So the year 2000 is almost at a close, now is a time to reminisce. Look back at the last year of robotic combat and see what has happened. Can you believe that BattleBots is only just over a year old? Look where we are today! Four events, hundreds of robots, major TV coverage, including 5 times on The Tonight Show, major press in newspapers, web sites and magazines, dedicated sections of Comedy Central and AOL, BattleBots has quickly become a household word, and favorite of young and old alike! Just to give you an idea of how popular BattleBots has become, traffic on has skyrocketed to over 2.5 million hits a month! Just imagine what the next year will bring us!

To my readers: Thank you so much for all your dedicated support and input to over the last year and beyond. As always, feel free to if you see anything that needs to be added to this site, including press coverage, new info, new links, pictures, video, anything. Happy New Year, everyone!



Merry Christmas, everyone!


Been wanting a closer view of your favorite bots from BattleBots Season 2.0? I've added higher-res pictures in the Las Vegas 2000 report, just click on the picture of the bot you want to see, and you'll get a larger 640x480 size picture!

I still need some robot pictures to fill in the holes, if you took pictures at the event, and would be willing to share, please !


I started adding weapon and match result stats on the Las Vegas 2000 report for the matches that have already been aired.


Added a bunch of new videos to the video page, including clips from the Malcolm in the Middle episode that featured BattleBots. Also, commercials from Season 1.0 of BattleBots and featurettes of Team Nightmare during BattleBots season 1!


Great start to a new season! The three episodes of BattleBots last night were amazing! I can't wait to see more! Don't forget the new night for BattleBots- Tuesdays at 10pm.

I updated some info on the Nightmare page. New pictures have been added of the new, improved version of Nightmare!


Tonight's the night! Season 2.0 of BattleBots starts at 9:30 on Comedy Central!

Speaking of CC, they have added a lot of neat new stuff to their web site, take a few minutes and look around at all the cool video clips, pictures, 360-degree pit shots, and interviews from BattleBots-Las Vegas 2000!


Tis the Season to BUY! BattleBots has opened up their own online store! Just in time to place your orders for Christmas!

I grabbed another SUPER COOL commercial that has been airing on Comedy Central, in preparation for Season 2.0 of BattleBots, check it out!

Don't forget! The new time slot for BattleBots is Tuesday night (NOT Wednesday any more!) at 10:00pm, (NOT 10:30)

Watch the series premiere episode tomorrow night starting with a pre-show at 9:30pm PST!


Now that theBattleBots first season is over, and we gear up for the new season to start airing (next week on Comedy Central-Tuesday 10pm!), I have updated my San Francisco 2000 Event Report with the results of ALL the battles, whether they made it on TV or not. If you see any mistakes in my report, please .

Watch this 15-second TV Commercial advertising "Season 2.0" of BattleBots!


Well, another month (Happy December!), and time to clean up this page, I've archived November's updates below, so make sure to go back if you missed anything in the last few days.

I finally got around to posting the video clip from Jay Leno's Tonight Show that aired on November 21, this one is great, it features some interviews from people at the Las Vegas event and includes the battle between Jay's Chin-Killa robot and Ginsu. Don't miss it!

The champions have all been crowned, and this season of BattleBots on Comedy Central is over except for the rest of the Rumbles, to be shown next Tuesday at 10pm. I have updated the San Francisco 2000 Event Report with the winner results, but I need your help. I was only able to fill in the results of the matches that were aired on Comedy Central, so I need to know all the non-aired match results, if you can help out with these specifics, please .