The Crazy idea for a cool Subwoofer Box

I wanted something a bit different for my subwoofer box. I wanted something that could do some SERIOUS pounding, while not taking up too much of my alredy too-small cargo area.

I came up with the idea of mounting the sub box up and out of the way against the ceiling. To do this, I would need to make the box as small as possible, which led me to choose the JL Audio 12W6 drivers for their small sealed airspace requirements.

I began construction on the box, using 3/4 inch MDF and some heavier-duty wooden braces, I wanted no part of the box to flex from the massive air pressure that I would be generating from within.
Another view of the subwoofer box under construction. This box ended up almost perfectly within JL Audio's specs for the 12W6 requirements.

With the specs a tiny bit off, I decided to polyfill the inside of the box. This also helps to reduce the 'wooden' sound some boxes make, isolating some of the unwanted vibrations and resonance.

The 12W6 drivers are about to go in! This was heavy-duty soldering time...I didn't want to ever have to open this box up again, so no mistakes!!!
Once the drivers were in and the box was sealed up, I went about the task of using body-filler to slope upwards from the box' face to the lip of the outer ring of the drivers. I had high hopes for this, I figured it woudl look really cool once covered in vinyl.

Always cover up those speakers with newspaper or cloth when working around them!
Well, the vinyl didn't stretch as well as I hoped, so I got some wrinkles in the fabric, but I spent a good amount of time with a heat gun and roller to get as many of the creases and bubbles out before I did the sides of the box.
Working on the box like this was pretty easy... I had to get everything done on it at this stage, because it was going into the truck upside-down permanently mounted against the ceiling, not a very user-friendly location if you want to do further maintenence!
Here you can see the finished box in the truck, as viewed from the tailgate. The box is held in place by the two sides, supported by a strong wood and steel frame. There was no need to actually fasten it to the ceiling once I had the box raised into position (using a car jack nonetheless!)

The side supports doubled as component enclosures and the two monstrous amps flanked the outer perimiter of the install like two guards at attention!

This unique setup only cost me a small amount of my rear cargo area, just the sides (that were already taken up by the wheel wells), and a bit lower of a ceiling. With the rear seats folded down, I still have a ton of hauling space!