2001 BattleBots - San Francisco
November 4-11, 2001

Event Pictures

page updated on 8/29/02

unless otherwise marked, photos are by Jim Smentowski

Pictures from the San Francisco-Treasure Island November 2001 Event

Welcome back to Treasure Island! The November 2001 BattleBots was held here, just like the last one in May 2001. This time, we were in a much larger, much nicer building.

Treasure Island is a great place for an event! The views are incredible.

Here is a clear shot of the San Francisco side. This was rare- this time most of the days were overcast and rainy.

I didn't take many outdoor photos this time. Heck, I was too busy to take many photos, except of the bots! Sorry that this section will be a bit smaller than last time. If you have cool photos that you took around event time, and wouldn't mind me posting them here, to me!

The all-new BattleBox sported a VERY cool new roof! Complete with lexan sheets and aluminum trusses, this thing was STURDY!

Another view of the cool new BattleBox roof from within.

The pits were, well... NOT 'the pits' this time! Plenty of room for everyone, and we were in the same building as the BattleBox this time! (Right behind that huge black curtain) This meant you could always hear what was going on in the Box- announcements, battles, and otherwise.

This is a view from my pit area looking back towards the main entrance. I think this was late at night, because there is virtually nobody in sight (what the heck was I doing there?)

Another view of the pits, looking towards the back wall of the building, where the HUGE BattleBots banner (the one that was shown in Season 3.0 on top of the building's roof) was hanging. Not to be outdone, Comedy Central had a huge banner of their own.

Yet another view of the pit area.

Before the event was underway, the BattleBots staff took a few moments to brief us on safety procedures and last-minute changes.

I think this was some sort of shrine built for Son of Whyachi.

The gorgeous Mechadon was there for demo purposes only. What a beautiful machine! Mark had obviously been practicing piloting this beast, as the demo included moves I had never before seen this creature perform! Very cool stuff.

A monstrous version of Ginsu was in the back by the safety inspection area. This HUGE Super Ginsu dwarfed pretty much everything. I can't imagine that it was any less than 500 lbs. That's a large office desk on which this machine sits. I think those blades are about 3 feet in diameter!

Unfortunately, Super Ginsu never made it off the table into the Box.


During the heavyweight rumble, the BattleBox got pushed to it's limit, as one of Mechavore's teeth actually sliced a gash through both layers of Lexan! Time for a stronger wall....


A photo after the event, tearing down part of the light rigging, with the huge BattleBots banner in the background.

What a great show! I came away exhausted, but had a great time meeting all the other builders and fans, seeing all the great robots, and realizing once again that BattleBots RULES!


I'll post a few more photos after the season airs on Comedy Central, including some arena damage shots!


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