1999 BattleBots - Las Vegas
November 17, 1999

Event Pictures

unless otherwise marked, photos are by Jim Smentowski

The event was a BLAST! Here are a few random pictures from along the adventure...

Loading up the truck, ready to head to Vegas! I ended up taking 7 robots to Vegas, and 9 robots back on the return trip! The truck was packed FULL. I'm glad I was able to help out everyone who trusted us with their robots!

Nightmare is all ready to climb aboard!

Whew! After an almost 11 hour drive, here we are arriving at the Silverton Hotel/Casino in Vegas! Trey Roski was there to welcome us.

Stephen Felk (of Voltarc), and my wife Erica helped me share the driving duty.

3:30am the next morning in the coffee shop- time for breakfast and then off to the first media shooting!

...and 4:00 am the very next day. Uuugh, is anyone really awake?

The day of the event, the crowd gathered around the arena to watch the mayhem!

The pit was a rustling, packed tent just outside the Sports Park rear entrance, it was bustling all day and night with last-minute upgrades and frantic repairs (not to mention all the rustling and bustling that the tent itself was doing in the strong desert winds! The stakes kept popping out and robots were getting sand in their innards! Oh what fun!!!).

Everyone got their photo taken with their robot by a professional photographer, here's me and my baby.... taken by my wife....

I Didn't manage to get many action shots or aftermath pictures, but I had to grab this one of the Namreko 3000 Team, who were excellent sports (although they put on their "angry eyes" for this picture) and showed excellent teamwork in getting their robot back into the arena for the rumble after their match with Nightmare.

After the event (and the beer), the arena came down quickly with the help of the awesome team of "crewbots"!

The beautiful Las Vegas sunsets were something to behold! I would LOVE coming back here to compete again, the public and media were great, and what a cool city to party in!


Until next time......

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