The following is an e-mail sent to the Robot Competitors and posted on the Battlebots Forum on 4/28/99:

Posted: 4/28/99

As many of you now know, Robot Wars(r) has filed a lawsuit in New York against BattleBots, Inc. and me personally. In a recent email, Robot Wars has accused BattleBots of trying to "interfere with Robot Wars", of causing "Robot Wars enormous economic harm", and of trying to destroy Robot Wars. BattleBots does not intend to dignify these comments with a response.

As you know, BattleBots was founded of our commitment to robotic competition and a desire to put the focus back on you, the competitors. Apparently, some individuals do not want to see that happen. Please rest assured that although we intend to defend ourselves in the Robot Wars' lawsuit to the fullest, we will do everything possible to make sure it does not impact you or detract from the competition we are planning for you in August. In fact, we hope that this will be the last frivolous lawsuit that the robotic community must endure.

We hope that this will be the last time that we will bore you with news about Robot Wars' lawsuit, although we may post information on the BattleBots website from time to time. You are always free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns. Also, if you have a view about Robot Wars' lawsuit or the people pressing it, please pass that along.

See you in August!

BattleBots(TM) Inc.