April 2001


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BattleBots has made a formal announcement for the event schedule! Make sure to read it thoroughly if you are competing, this event will be very different due to the huge number of entrants! Stay tuned to the BattleBots website for info as it comes up!

For those of you not competing, but wanting to come watch the show, be watching in the first week of May when BattleBots tickets go on sale! Be quick! They're bound to go fast!

I've added some more video to the video section, including the clips from CBS' Nash Bridges TV show where 4 of us BattleBots got to appear! Watch for Nightmare, Voltronic, Toro and DooAll!

Jason Bardis, of Infernolab, was co-host on TBS Superstation program, along with his bot, Towering Inferno, I've added a clip from that program for those of you who missed it.


BattleBots has announced a change in the venue for the San Francisco event, May 22-28!
It is no longer taking place at Fort Mason in San Francisco, it will now be at building 180, at Treasure Island (halfway across the Bay Bridge), in San Francisco CA.


Nightmare made a brief appearance in a recent issue of Real Robots Magazine in the U.K.! Check it out!

He'll be featured even closer in a future issue.


Busy busy busy! Sorry for not keeping up with my updates lately, been very busy with the new robots... BattleBots is about a month away! Are YOU ready?

I added a bunch of newspaper and magazine articles with BattleBots in the media section.

Also, I'm finally moving this site over to a dedicated host. The move should be painless to my readers, but if you see any weirdness with broken links/pictures, etc around in the next few weeks, please .


I got the links pages script running again, sorry for the downtime. It may still be up & down a bit over the next few weeks as my ISP gets their service strightened out.


Robotica starts tonight at 9:00pm on TLC! Don't miss this 60-minute episode #1, followed immediately by another 60-minute episode #2!

Here are some airtimes for some future episodes:

Wed Apr 04 10:00 PM
Thu Apr 05 12:00 AM
Thu Apr 05 1:00 AM
Wed Apr 11 9:00 PM
Wed Apr 11 10:00 PM
Thu Apr 12 12:00 AM
Thu Apr 12 1:00 AM


Well, it's been a while since my last update, things certainly have been busy with all my robot construction/upgrading, my server issues, plus I was out of town for several days last week, but things are mostly back in line again...

It's April now, BattleBots is NEXT MONTH! Can you believe it? I've moved the old March updates to the archives below.

There's been a lot going on in the robotic combat world, I'll try to touch on some of the goodies:

My ISP has gone down, if you were reading about this last month, you'll know that I barely had time to move my server for this site to a new network. That is working fine now, but the script that I use to update my links pages is still local on my home network, too much trouble to move it, so until my ISP comes back, the links pages will not be updated daily as they have been for a couple years now. Sorry about that, I know a lot of you visit those pages daily, it will be back up as soon as I can.

BattleBots has closed the registration for the next event, and according to their web site, there are over 650 registered robots! Holy cow that's a lot!

My robot, Nightmare, appeared on last week's Nash Bridges TV show on CBS, along with Voltronic, Toro and DooAll! I've put together a few pics I took at the taping back in February. Check it out.

BattleBots has updated their web site with match history sections for all of the robots that competed in Season 2.0, along with tons of pics and video. If you missed the fights that were not aired, this is your chance to catch up! Just go into the "Meet the Robots" section and click on the bot you want, then click on "Match History". Cool!

Robot Wars has announced they are looking for new U.S. Robots to compete in a U.S. event in the U.K. read about it here.